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Collin is an educator, performer,  author and Yale University Ph.D. student in Ethnomusicology. He is wholeheartedly supporting equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion—the godfather of the #Speakout organization in Cambridge and Oxford.  Always loud, never quiet, he talks even while he is asleep. Professional troublemaker.


Piotr is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK. Specializing in cancer biology and cell signaling. Involved in climate change initiatives and explaining science to the broader public. He privately likes peace and quiet, running and procrastinating. Day-dreaming about adopting a dog.


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Dora is a passionate plant scientist. A recent graduate from the University of Athens in Greece. Always up to date with the newest scientific discoveries. Passionate about feminism, always happy to discuss it. Lots of personality in a petite body. She loves feeding all the cats in the neighborhood. Be careful, your cat can be the next one!


Lexie is an arts management professional and a recent graduate of Columbia University, where she studied music and psychology. She is committed to enhancing the accessibility of the arts and higher education. You can find her playing bassoon, engaged in political conversations, or reading while on the railroad

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Jess is a project management and implementation specialist, working in the finance industry, after graduating from University at Buffalo. She is passionate about helping others and advocating for the liberal arts and sciences in a world that’s obsessed with majors leading to defined jobs and roles after college. You can find her watching the Mets and wishing for them to win (pretty please with a cherry on top)!

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